My husband and I have been running our own roofing company for the last 7 years together.  While he manages the crew and projects, I take care of the administrative things like answer phones, billing, dealing with the insurance companies and payroll.  Growing up as a child, I never thought I would have been working in the roofing industry, but my oh my how times change. I studied cosmetology in high school and went on to be a color stylist at one of the leading hair salons in Chicago.

When I met the man of my dreams, he was just starting in this business and needed help.  I first started working with him, my intentions were just to help him out cause I really cared for him and I was still working in the salon full time.  I have to admit, when I saw the potential in the roofing business I was really impressed. Especially to see that a roofer can make more money in a day than I can make in a whole month as a hair stylist.  As the business prospered, I became more and more needed and eventually quit my job as a hair stylist.

Picture 056Working in the roofing business allows me to work from home and take care of my children while still playing an integral part of our roofing business.  We primarily like to do new roof installs but occasionally there is a hail storm and it creates an enormous opportunity for us.  What I like about the roofing business is that there is always something going on and being in the mid-west, it allows us to have the winters off for travelling.

While the roofing business has many ups, it also has many downs.  Many people are drawn to the roofing business for the money but they either have difficult times getting new clients, getting insurance companies to pay their full claims, or finding good workers to do the jobs.  If you have a hard time with either of those, you will probably have a hard time making it.   To be good in roofing you need to have excellent support and response. While my husband and I make a great team, we wouldn’t have the success we have had without our workers who are very committed.  We couldn’t ask for a better team. While we may seem very lucky on the outside, we have spent a lot of time in prayer and having faith that our father would provide for us.  Without faith, you have nothing.  So if you are ever down or need a lift, have faith that help is just a prayer away.

Regardless of why you are here, we want to make this post as helpful as possible and refuse to use this blog to promote our business.  Instead, fair is fair and if we see someone who does good work, we want to let the world know about them. While it may seem counter intuitive,  I guess you can say this is our way of giving back.

We wish the highest blessings on all of our readers and hope that you find our page helpful. While I will do my best to provide you with the best content in the roofing business you will find anywhere, please note that I am a full time mother of 3 (2 handsome boys and a beautiful little girl), a dog walker, school and soccer mom and running our roofing business full time.  Taking all of those factors into consideration, please enjoy  our New Roof Installations blog and be sure to share this with all of your friends and family.


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